About Us

Efficient-and-EffectiveWe start from the standpoint that almost every organisation can do better in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

TCA’s focus ranges from Boardroom to individual delivery and is based on two key principles.

(i). The Development Needs
A programme tailored to improve the performance of those identified as having potential to grow with and within the organisation.

(ii). The Improvement Needs
Usually working with individual executives, highly  regarded in their own field of expertise, finding themselves in a general management role.

Working with the clients executive team, Executive Coaching is provided shaped to the needs of the client organisation and the individual or team.

One to one support is provided for executives, with emphasis on enabling them to identify creative and practical solutions, together with measures of success, which lead to lasting results.



Following a successful career in the rail industry, during which he held board level positions in both the public and private sector, including the role of Managing Director of one of the largest train operating companies in the U.K., Tim Clarke introduced his executive coaching programmes in 2006. He is a certified coach from the acclaimed London School of Coaching and a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Tim’s coaching expertise is built upon his success of leading businesses through unprecedented periods of change, creating record income growth, building the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ground-breaking changes in industrial relations. The common thread for this record of achievement has been a commitment to the development of people and the belief that, from the top down and given the right motivational direction, individuals and teams can flourish and become more effective.

Tim has recently completed 7 years as Chairman of Harwich Haven Authority, is a Director of Customer Innovation Ltd. He has a degree in business studies and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport.

Tim Clarke Executive Coach