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Efficient and effective management requires insight and knowledge. From a neutral standpoint, TCA’s objective is to provide the methodology to improve performance from the top down for individuals or teams by overcoming obstacles and developing confidence through coaching and mentoring.

How We Can Help

Working in partnership with their clients, TCA assess problems and opportunities within an organisation and devise a tailor-made programme or programmes of executive coaching. For an exploratory conversation on how we could work with you call Tim Clarke now on 07790 585054.

What Our Clients Say

On the testimonials page is our list of current clients which give an idea of the diversity of organisations we have recently been working with and, with some appreciative comments, an indication of the scope of the help we have been able to offer.

About Us

Founded in 2006, TCA has provided executive coaching for many organisations across the private, public and not for profit sectors. TCA’s contribution is a stimulating mix of business and behavioural insight based on hands-on management experience at the highest levels.

Good management to executive excellence

All organisations, however large or small, private or public, have to continually adapt to change, which means ensuring you and your team are ready, willing and able to match the challenges as they arise.

In an age when advances in I.T. make change more rapid than ever before, staying on top of the job and the knowledge of how to encourage individuals and teams to flourish and achieve great results, is an essential part of successful management.

Too often it has been a case of, ”Congratulations you’ve got the job now get on with it.” (Perhaps a cause of why Britain lags behind other developed economies in productivity.)

TCA is dedicated to helping get the best out of people, either individually or in groups, to improve their performance and achievement levels and personal satisfaction.


What our clients say

"Tim has delivered outstanding results and has enabled highly talented individuals to become even better both in their personal performance and in the leadership of their teams. The “Coaching Skills Programme delivered by TCA was very successful and highly regarded for the lasting impact which it delivered for individuals across a wide range of disciplines".

Penny Cavenagh,
Professor, Dean of Academic Affairs, University Campus Suffolk

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